Thinking with images

When we “read” images, our mind sets up a completely different reading of a text process. To extract the meaning of a written message, the brain relies on the sequential examination, advances linearly and builds the meaning of the text from a progressive sum of the constituent elements: letters, words, sentences and paragraphs. To understand an image, however, the brain works very differently. By simultaneous, synthetic and global approach, all parts of the set are perceived and processed at once, and distilled suddenly the sense of graphic message.
To understand how you have to send an image to the receiver, interpret what we want to play online pokies for real money express is fundamental to any image maker. Thinking with images explains how the understanding process works and reveals the reader some of the compositional and stylistic strategies they can employ. This book talks about technical resources, the use of color, structure, shape or signs, but also the use of sets of visual rhetoric such as metaphor, irony and euphemism, and the importance of style for visual communication.

You can purchase it here or download a sample in Spanish here or in Portuguese here.